BlogsInvestment in good sleep, is the key to better mental health

Investment in good sleep, is the key to better mental health

Coronasomia: How is lack of good sleep affecting the mental health?

More than 40% of people suffered from sleep related issues, while we were battling the pandemic. Sleep problems during the COVID-19 has affected the mental well-being the most. And, we actually dont know that sleep is like food for body’s healing mechanism.

While, we all are inkling towards practicing yoga, meditation and various form of exercises to improve our mental health, good sleep is somewhere not given its due credit. When we casually say, “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”, it actually means that maybe one has turned sides on a mattress all night affecting their mood. When we sit up all night finishing that last season on Netflix, we don’t realize how its affecting our productivity the next day.

So what can we do for better sleep? Firstly, we should understand that there are so many hidden factors that triggers REM (Rapid Eye Movement) during sleep. You favorite cuppa joe, that wakes you up every morning, can be quite a trigger to sleep, if you consume caffeine in any form late in the evening or before going to bed. Diet also plays a major role in good sleep. Consume a diet rich in nutrients as it can help maintain a healthy gut microbiome which can contribute directly to undisturbed and quality sleep.

Exercise earlier — in the morning or afternoon, late evening workouts can keep you super charged before bedtime. A lot has been also said about avoiding blue light from phones, televisions, laptops before sleep. A no gadget rule in bed can work wonders for your sleep. Get off the computer at least 30 minutes before bed and avoid tasks like paying bills before bed. Instead, dim the lights, take a warm shower, cozy up in your comforter, drink herbal “sleepy time” tea, read a book, place a heated neck pillow over your shoulders, listen to relaxing music, and/or meditate.

Research suggests that we sleep better when our body temperature is optimum and our sleeping position is comfortable. So, Sleep Ninja has designed a mattress, which gives the perfect balanced feel and enable airflow for optimum sleep temperature and good night’s sleep

It’s a tough time and we all are going through change, hence it is important to sleep better and help our bodies to recover from mental as we as physical exertion.


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